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ENEDI is funded by the cooperation programme Interreg V-A Greece-Cyprus which aims to increase the competitiveness of the eligible area by supporting entrepreneurship and the use of information and communication technologies.  The programme aims to integrate all issues relating to the environment, either in terms of protection against risks or in terms of promotion of the natural and cultural heritage.

The University of Cyprus together with the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) and the University of Crete have joined forces to develop and apply innovative and smart energy management systems for Data Centers, connected with photovoltaic systems, based on dynamic energy efficiency policies and resource utilization and availability.

A reduction in data centers’ energy consumption is suggested to be made dynamically by concentrating VMs (Virtual Machines) on fewer servers and if possible, shutting them down. Also other scenarios under consideration include the migration of VMs and Containers amongst Greece’s and Cyprus’ data centers.

The University of Cyprus (LiNC, Dep. of Computer Science) will develop an open source framework, required for Data Center management while still taking into account the intelligent placement and sharing of computing resources that aim to reduce energy consumption. Specifically, UCY will develop:

- A resources monitoring system, that will allow simultaneous and near real-time resource monitoring from the two countries’ Data Centers and automatic resource (de-)allocation based on resource utilization (e.g. number of VMs on each Data Center) and energy consumption at near-real time.

- A system for storing, visualize and analyze the information gathered by the resources monitoring system.

- A system for the experimental migration of computational workloads and data between the Data Centers, based on dynamic energy efficiency policies and resource utilization and availability.

- An Integrated Development Environment subsystem, Eclipse (IDE), which will allow Open Stack users to specify elasticity between Data Centers while taking into account dynamic energy efficiency policies.

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