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- A Big Data Processing and Visualization Platform for Monitoring and Detecting Online Hate Speech -

Mandola Overview

MANDOLA is a big-data processing system that monitors, detects, visualizes, and reports the spread and penetration of online hate-related speech using big-data approaches. MANDOLA consists of six individual components that intercommunicate to consume, process, store, and visualize statistical information regarding hate speech spread online.

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Mandola Application

The MANDOLA mobile application provides citizens with easier hate speech reporting, by taking into account user’sanonymity. Specifically the application enables: i) the ability of anonymous reporting of hate-related speech and material found in the web and social media; ii) compatibility with Android, IOS and Windows mobile devices; iii) statistical analysis considering hate speech in order to raise the awareness of the user about the impact of hate speech on the world and iv) a FAQs section. The users are able to report hatespeech by taking a screenshot from the post or content, labeling the hate-related part and sending it to the MANDOLA API. The analysis is done by applying OCR and hate-speech analysis, and then send to a third party responsible for handling the report.

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