Wed Jul 10, 2024

MANDOLA: Monitoring and Detecting OnLine Hate Speech

MANDOLA project wants to make a bold step towards improving our understanding of the prevalence and spread of on-line hate speech and towards empowering ordinary citizens to monitor and report hate speech. The objectives of this project are:

- To monitor the spread and penetration of on-line hate-related speech in Europe and in Member States using big-data approaches, while investigating the possibility to distinguish, amongst monitored contents, between potentially illegal hate-related speeches and potentially non illegal hate-related speeches.

- To provide policy makers with actionable information that can be used to promote policies that mitigate the spread of on-line hate speech.

- To provide ordinary citizens with useful tools that can help them deal with on-line hate speech or bystanders or even as victims.

- To transfer best practices among Member States.

- To set up a reporting infrastructure that will connect concerned citizens with police forces and which will enable the reporting of illegal hate-related speech.


For more information, visit the website of the project.


Funded by the European Union.

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