Marie Curie Initial Training Networks



Complex Networks: Online course developed by the University of Barcelona.

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Distributed Computing, Peer-to-Peer and GRIDS: Online course organised by KTH.

The learning goals of this course is to provide iSocial Fellows with basic concepts and principles of large-scale dynamic distributed systems and distributed algorithms. The course is taught in seminar style, and several case studies are included.

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 Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems:  Online course  organised by KTH.

The objective of the course is to deeper understand and study the behavior of the networks arising within Distributed Systems.

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Privacy-Aware Data Management:  The online course will be organised by University of Insubria during the Spring semester 2015.

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Data and Network Security: Online course organised by University of Insubria during the Fall semester 2014.

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University of Cyprus


Special Topics in Computer Science (Online Social Networks): The online course, is a Ph.D. and Advanced M.Sc course that was organised by UCY during the Spring semester 2014.

The course objectives are the survey of recent scientific literature of Online Social Networking Systems, the study of basic concepts, principles, techniques and scientific results that shape the analysis and evolution of Online Social Networking Systems. The course included paper assignements, authoring of scientific survey paper and one semester team-project that gives the student the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding on the online social networking systems.

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Distributed Systems: The online course was organised by KTH during the Fall semester 2013.

The course included programming assignments that gives the student an opportunity to implement distributed algorithms and gain a deeper understanding of them.

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