Training Material

EGEE Training Events listing
  • "Grid Technologies: Introduction and Practice", November 21-22, 2006, (html ,pdf)
  • Check out the Grid Café, an excellent site for users unfamiliar with Grid concepts.
  • EMBRACE/EGEE joint biomed introductory tutorial New!
    This is an introductory tutorial both for the EMBRACE project personnel and for new EGEE Biomed application developpers to TAVERNA, EGEE and its middleware. The expected audience is new EGEE biomed applications developers and EMBRACE post-doctoral workers.
  • Using the Globus Toolkit 3: This is a pilot course held at NeSC. Its goal is to teach the basics of developing with GT3 by a combination of lectures and practicals.
  • The EGEE Gr Third parties Induction Course: An introduction to the EGEE Project (Scope, activities, partners, etc.); an introduction to EGEE infrastructure (existing and planned) for Greece, as well as an overview of the Paneuropean EGEE infrastructure; an introduction to EGEE applications; explanation of EGEE project Management procedures and tools to be used for the duration of the project.
  • EGEE Induction Course, Edinburgh, Scotland: This is the first EGEE induction event, held at the National e-Science Center, Edinburgh. The goals of this initial course are to induct EGEE trainers, refine modules of the induction courses, and begin induction of EGEE members.

Additional training material can be found at the NA3 Training Repository maintained by the National eScience Centre, Scotland.