SA1 Operational Support:
Tips and tricks for upgrading to LCG2-2_6_0

Last update: 04/08/2005 (Maria Nassiakou)
Uploaded: 05/08/2005

As mentioned on the upgrade guide, before upgrading any nodes, upgrade your BDII.

upgrading lcg-yaim to the last version, the file /opt/lcg/yaim/examples/wn-list.conf will be overwritten. Copy the file elsewhere before upgrading.

The MON box RGMA services now uses tomcat5 rather than tomcat4. These are regarded by rpm as completely different packages; version 4 is not uninstalled when upgrading to 5. So, you need to uninstall tomcat4 before upgrading the MON box (rpm -e tomcat4 edg-java-security-tomcat4). Please, also remove the metapackage (lcg-MON) that requires it (not to break dependencies during upgrade).

Before running the install script you should make sure that the user and group rgma exist on all the nodes.

After the rpm installation is complete, make sure that there are no RPM dependency issues. An apt-get dist-upgrade should satisfy all dependencies.

Rerunning the yaim configuration script on your CE will rebuild the queues configuration: if you applied modifications on the default configuration provided by yaim you will loose your changes!

Before running the configure_node script on the nodes that have mpich installed (CE, WN) make sure that the mpi executables are in the path or the script won't detect them.

Before running the configure_node script on the MON box make sure that the host keys are in place. The configuration script will attempt to copy them in /etc/tomcat5 for tomcat to access them.

On the MON box, there is a problem with the /etc/init.d/rgma-servicetool script (possibly this bug ) that leaves some processes attached to the terminal. This causes sometimes the configuration script on the MON box to not return a prompt after the configuration is complete. If that happens, send the script to the background to get to a prompt and restart rgma-servicetool.