EGEE Branches Out in the MED

The project branched out into new countries in the Mediterranean area last week, when the University of Cyprus (UCY) presented EGEE and Grids for the first time in Tunisia.

The presentation, given by Maria Poveda from UCY, was broadcast via satellite at the 8th Meeting of the Tunisian Society of Informatics, using the EMISPHER platform. The audience learned about the concept of Grids, the EGEE project and how they could get involved in the project.

Maria Poveda, University of Cyprus, said: "It was an exciting opportunity to combine the very latest technologies from two very different European projects. Not only were we able to present EGEE and Grids, but do so using EMISPHER - a satellite communications network established in the MEDiterranean area."

Countries that participated in the event on Saturday 26 February, included Algeria, Germany, Cyprus and Tunisia.