Currently we are able to distribute two different versions of VIVAGr

- VIVAGr (exe)* for x86 windows OS (require Matlab MCR v710_32b)
- VIVAGr (exe)* for x64 windows OS (require Matlab MCR v710_64b)

Traces (input files): This script (matlab function) can be used to transform "tcl" mobility traces in to a valid format for VIVAGr. [parce_tcl_files.rar].

Each input scenario trace file for VIVAGr is a matlab workspace file containing the following data variables:
1) N : Number of total nodes (RSU & vehicles)
2) N_RSU: Number of RSUs
3) info: string with information about the scenario trace file
4) x, y: holding the x, y position for vehicles and RSUs
*(variable naming is critical)

An example can be found here (containing synthetic traces for NY down town Manhattan) [traces_NY]. You can use this to test the tool functionality.