Cloud Infrastructure


Use Walrus storage

  • Download s3cmd from sourceforge website (Pre-requisites: python and python-openssl)

  • Untar downloaded file
    user@client1:~$ tar xvf s3cmd-
  • Get the s3cmd patch from eucalyptus site and save it to a file e.g. s3cmd- on s3cmd- directory

  • Apply the path.
    user@client1:~$ patch -p1 < s3cmd-
  • Create your config file.
    Open your configuration file (e.g. s3cfg.walrus) and copy the Sample config for Walrus

  • Replace SECRET and ACCESSKEY with your secret and access keys
    Note: If you sourced your eucarc you can the following command to see your keys:
     echo -e 'Secret:\t' $EC2_SECRET_KEY '\nAccess:\t' $EC2_ACCESS_KEY
  • Replace localhost with Nephelae
    cat s3cfg.walrus | sed 's/localhost/Nephelae/g' > s3cfg.walrus
  • Now you can use s3cmd and Walrus

  • Examples:
      Make bucket
          s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus mb s3://BUCKET
      Remove bucket
          s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus rb s3://BUCKET
      List objects or buckets
          s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus ls [s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX]]
      List all object in all buckets
          s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus la 
      Put file into bucket
          s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus put FILE [FILE...] s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX]
      Get file from bucket
          s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus get s3://BUCKET/OBJECT LOCAL_FILE
      Delete file from bucket
          s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus del s3://BUCKET/OBJECT
      Synchronize a directory tree to S3
          s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus sync LOCAL_DIR s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX] or s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX] LOCAL_DIR
      Disk usage by buckets
          s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus du [s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX]]
      Get various information about Buckets or Objects
          s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus info s3://BUCKET[/OBJECT]
    See program homepage for more information at or use s3cmd -h more options. 

    Note1: You may use also use s3curl, CloudBerry S3 Explorer and s3fs.
    Note2: s3cmd can be installed on your computer or on you VM


University of Cyprus Nephelae cloud infrastructure is funded by the
University of Cyprus