Cloud Infrastructure


Graphical Control of Instances

EMIs currently supporting GUI:
IDOSWindow ManagerSoftware Included
emi-C9CD1067Ubuntu 11Gnome 3libreoffice, eclipse

    There are a lot of ways to view the graphical interface

    In this page we present three of them.

    1. X11 forward with ssh

  • The easiest way is to use X11 forwarding (-X) with your ssh connection
    user@client1:~$ ssh -X -i mykey.private root@10.16.3.xx

    2. Run VNC server on your vm

  • If your are not running a *nix machine you can use any vncviewer after you start x11vnc server on your vm

  • Run x11vnc and insert a password for vnc connections
    :~# x11vnc -usepw -create -forever
    Enter VNC password: 
    Verify password:    
    Write password to /root/.vnc/passwd?  [y]/n y
    Password written to: /root/.vnc/passwd
  • Connect with any vncviewer to your instance
    e.g. from a *nix machine use
    $ vncviewer 10.16.3.XX:0

  • Fill in your password and the following window will appear:

    From the console start gnome by typing
    gnome-session &
  • As soon as your session is initialized you can control graphically your instance.

  • 3. Set up a secure ssh tunnel between your machine and your instance and use vncviewer (only for *nix machines)

  • Setup a secure tunnel
    $ ssh -i mykey.private -t -L 5900:localhost:5900 root@10.16.3.XX 'x11vnc -localhost -nopw -create'
  • Use vncviewer at localhost
    $ vncviewer localhost:0

Note: Any other instructions are welcomed (e.g. teamviewer)


University of Cyprus Nephelae cloud infrastructure is funded by the
University of Cyprus